Obtaining Optimal Health Through Chiropractic

Dr. Edery is a chiropractor with multiple locations in the San Fernando Valley who specializes in treating the musculoskeletal and nervous system. He practices an evidence-based approach to healthcare through the use of manual hands on therapies that is highly effective, safe and drug-free.

Dr. Edery uses a functional and integrative approach to treatment. His assessment is based on a functional perspective assessing your full body in order to determine the root cause of your injury.

His priorities are to educate clients on the benefits of chiropractic care, and then engage them to become active in setting and meeting health goals and ultimately to sustain wellness.

He has experience working with patients of all ages, various levels of function, as well as with complex conditions.

Dr. Edery states his goals are not only to relieve painful symptoms, but also to empower individuals to achieve their optimal level of health and function through the use of chiropractic, manual therapies, orthotic devices, nutritional/diet counseling and rehabilitative exercises. Dr. Edery has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of neck/back pain, headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, arthritic pain, postural and stress related aches, and chronic pain syndromes.


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